"Yağmur-2" LLC is the company operating on the entire territory of Azerbaijan in the field of irrigation.

It includes drip irrigation systems for perennial planting areas and vegetable fields, sprinkler irrigation systems for cultivation of landscape and agricultural products, as well as irrigation systems for watering sports grounds. At the same time, the company has extensive experience in the application of irrigation systems in greenhouses. It includes fogging, drip irrigation and micro-irrigation systems.

Since we are constantly working to improve our skills, developing and implementing our own works, we can confidently say - "Yağmur-2" LLC is one of the best companies of Azerbaijan in this field.

We use IRRICAD ™, the most up-to-date software for designing all hermetic irrigation systems from conception to completion.

We are ready to surprise you! Great experience and a wide selection of special tools allow us to perform installation and repair work at a high level. Moreover - we are responsible for our work!

One of our latest achievements in improving the quality of irrigation systems has been the application of modern programmed controllers for its management. It significantly simplifies the management of irrigation systems because their work is based on the specific algorithm and carried out according to indicators of different regulators.


Now we have a chain of actions that can guarantee a complete supply of irrigation systems in a short time!

We have always been interested in complicated projects requiring highly skilled workers. Because it is always an interesting challenge and a very useful experience for the team!
We hope to see you among our partners. We will do our best to make cooperation with your company a pleasant and effective!